The 7 Best Ways to Deal with Excessive Sweating

Sweat is produced by the body when it heats up as a way to naturally cool it down. However, some 350,000 Canadians suffer from excessive sweating, which can be unpredictable and cause embarrassment and discomfort. Particular areas of the body are most prone to excessive sweating.
Below, we’ve listed a few places on the body that tend to produce the most sweat.
Ways to Deal with Excessive Sweating

1. Back

Experiencing back sweat while working out is normal, but it can be embarrassing and awkward if you have large patches of perspiration during the work day or in casual social situations.
Choosing natural, breathable materials like cotton and linen helps you stay cooler during the day. Synthetic fabrics trap sweat, which can soak your clothes and cause sweat stains. No matter your choice of material, stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your body cool.

2. Feet

Sweaty feet are a common problem, but there are steps you can take to keep feet sweat-free and smelling fresh throughout the day. First, wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap and apply antifungal powders to clean dry feet.
Wearing the right socks is essential. Wool socks provide excellent ventilation, while nylon socks should be avoided. When it comes to shoe material, stay away from boots and trainers and opt for canvas or leather instead.

3. Face and brow

Excessive sweating can be particularly embarrassing in visible areas like the face and forehead. Excessive sweating on the face and head is called craniofacial hyperhidrosis and has various triggers, including exercise, spicy food, and emotions like anxiety and nervousness. Do your best to avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and excessive exercise during the day if you are looking to avoid a sweaty appearance.

4. Armpits

The most common and effective solution to armpit sweat is to apply a strong antiperspirant like DRYSOL® regularly. DRYSOL® controls the amount of sweat your underarms produce and has similar effects on other areas of the body as well, including the forehead and hands.

5. Hands

Many things, including physical activity, can trigger sweaty hands, but sometimes your genes can be the culprit. There are quick ways to deal with the problem, which includes regularly washing your hands and using hand sanitizers, powders, and rolling an antiperspirant like DRYSOL® on your palms. Avoid greasy hand lotions as these seal in moisture and can prevent your hands from drying when they sweat.

6. Neck

Neck sweat can be hard to deal with, especially during work and social situations. Botox injections have been approved by the FDA to reduce sweating caused by craniofacial hyperhidrosis. Before considering Botox as an effective treatment for your condition, consult with your doctor.

7. Inner thighs/groin

Sometimes the most simple ideas are the most effective. Make sure to shower or bathe every day, even twice a day if you can. Once you are adequately dried off, apply powder on your inner thighs and groin, which can help absorb any moisture that occurs throughout the day. Lastly, consider your underwear. Choose breathable options like cotton and avoid synthetic fabrics.
Problems with excessive sweat can affect your self-esteem and daily activities. Taking these simple steps can help you deal with the problem to avoid sweaty situations.
DRYSOL® is a low-cost, simple solution to many of your excessive sweating problems. Combined with many of the tips above, you will be able to go about your day stress-free.

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    1. I do and it’s painful and nothing short of being burned with a hot iron when applied. But there was not a person on the planet that had head and face sweating remotely close to mine. Drysol stopped it and changed my life. My sweating was so bad that I didn’t want to live anymore, now I can be around people again. Try it and tough out the burn and itch and it will change your life.

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